Lane Evans of Swampland Revival

Fayland Guitars has made 2 custom guitars for Lane Evans. Lane plays guitar and sings for Swampland Revival. We made a completely custom red offset guitar with 24 frets and loads of pearl inlays as well as a classic white T-Style with maple neck and fretboard. If y’all haven’t checked out Swampland Revival, waste no time clicking the link below!

Reid Haughton

Fayland Guitars made a completely custom T-Style for Reid Haughton, a Nashville singer/song writer with River House Artist. His guitar featured a semi-transparent vintage blonde paint job with a tiger stripe pickguard and Lollartron neck pickup. Be sure to check out his music below!

Zach Rishel & Drew Nix of The Red Clay Strays

Fayland Guitars made 2 custom guitars for The Red Clay Strays. We made them a fiesta red T-Style and tobacco burst T-Style.